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Gotham Knights


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1- Open up a VPN and connect to the server specified in your email after placing your order. 

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3- Enjoy!

Upon Delivery you will receive the ‘Subscription’ or ‘Game’ you ordered, but needs to be activated by ‘Adding’ a ‘New Account’ to your console.

You can easily ‘ADD’ the Account’s ‘Subscription’ or ‘Game’ to your own ‘Main Account’ & the rest of accounts on your console.

1- Just simply add the new profile to your console as a ‘New User’

and then:

For PS5 Consoles: 

2- Go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Other > Console Sharing and Offline Play.  Select Enable.

For PS4:  Go to Settings > Account Management > Activate as Your Primary PlayStation 4 > Select Activate.  

3- After Activation of your ‘New Account’ that contains your order, you can disregard the new ‘Account’ and go back to playing games & progressing them on your ‘Main Account’ with no effect to any of your trophies or progress at all!

Video tutorial: https://youtu.be/UfBdDhAC50E

*Works for worldwide regions

*This product does not contain a Code

Regarding Playstation Plus features:

*Free games claimed on your account before your subscription ran out will not work 

*Cloud Storage will only work for the new profile


Batman is dead. A new expansive, criminal underworld has swept the streets of Gotham City. It is now up to the Batman Family – Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin – to protect Gotham, bring hope to its citizens, discipline to its cops, and fear to its criminals.
From solving mysteries that connect the darkest chapters in the city’s history to defeating notorious villains in epic confrontations.

Gotham Knights is an open-world, action RPG set in the most dynamic and interactive Gotham City yet. Patrol Gotham’s five distinct boroughs in solo or in co-op and drop in on criminal activity wherever you find it.

Your legacy begins now. Step into the Knight.

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Xbox, Playstation, PC 'Steam'


Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition


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